The killer of The Unholy Priest returned home, he lived in Topeka, Kansas, he checked in at work. Captain Russell Brock saw Larry arrive. Larry was hard to miss. He was six foot five, lanky build, good looking, and had silvery brown hair that gave him a look of a distinguished judge or successful business CEO. Captain Brock made a snide remark, “there’s that lazy detective whose case load is off the charts.”
“No problem, I’m gonna retire soon.”
“I remember in high school you were retired then too.”

The two had known each other as kids. They both grew up in Oakland adjacent to the Kaw River. Then it was a peaceful area and kids did what kids did, no drugs or gangs, it was a good place to live. Captain Brock (Bud by nickname) and Larry were always bantering and still are.
Larry returned to his parent’s house, he lived there alone now, his parents passed on. He has a sister who lives in Oakland, married with a daughter and husband. The solitude at home forced him to recall. Damn serial killer, I wanted to get him before he killed that lady. I need to react a little faster after I have my vision. That makes three now. These damn killers are sprouting like weeds. I don’t like killing but I hate to think of the innocent victims. I must continue on. The FBI should be looking for me, by now they have a profile on me. I’m ready for plan B if they come sniffing around Topeka.

Larry has worked for the TPD for fifteen years. He started killing serial killers three years ago when the visions started again. He knew that eventually he’d be found out. He had prepared an escape plan if he needed to go into hiding. So far he killed three serial killers with the last killing of the Unholy Priest in San Francisco. He had no remorse breaking the law or killing these monsters; after all he figured he was saving innocent lives that would be the next victims. Larry had inherited a large sum of money he used to travel and locate these killers.

He would wait for his next vision. They came without warning and the visions seemed random. He had no clue why certain killers were in his vision. He knew he would have to act fast to stop these killers. He had one vision while he was driving; he had to pull off the road since the visions would impair his driving.

A policeman saw him driving erratically and pulled over and approached Larry in the middle of his vision. “You having a little trouble driving?” The policeman asked.
Larry was in a daze but he was conscious that the policeman had spoken. Larry rubbed his head as he tried to reply. “Yes, I’m having a terrific migraine.” The policeman was suspicious that he might be inebriated. Larry’s head snapped back as the vision left leaving him exhausted but almost normal. Larry focused on the blue uniform standing by his car. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his badge. “Sorry officer but these headaches are vicious that’s why I pulled over”. The officer’s attitude changed when the gold badge catching the Sun’s rays flashed in his eyes. “You ok?”
“Yes, thanks for checking me out.” The two exchanged chat since they were fellow employees of the Topeka Police Department. The policeman shifted his belt and told Larry that everything was ok and left.

Larry headed home and prepared to go to Arizona and take care of the killer in his vision. He called in telling the Captain that he was going to take some vacation time and be gone for a few days. Larry only used his vacation time to hunt his deadly prey.


The vision revealed a large lake. The killer was in a patrol boat of some kind with the name Lake Powell Patrol written on the side of the craft. He was following a medium sized yacht with two males and two females on board.

Larry always had two or three visions until the last one were the killer would do his deed. So far he received a sign or clue on each vision where the stalking occurred giving him time to find the killer and stop him. He googled Lake Powell and it had to be the lake in Arizona.

He rented a helicopter in Arizona after his arrival by plane. It was a Bell 412 with attached pontoons. He found a picture of the killer on the internet since he was an employee of the Corp, of Engineers for Lake Powell as a patrolman. He also found out that three other missing females had disappeared on the lake in the last month.

It was easy to locate the killer. He ran a scheduled patrol every day during his work week. He simply followed the killer in his rented helicopter. It was nearing dusk as Larry was following the patrol boat. Larry flew at a safe distance to avoid alerting the killer. He had packed his swat gear he brought thinking in this rugged terrain he might need it.

Lake Powell had two thousand miles of shoreline with cliffs surrounding the lake with many side coves darting off the main body resembling jagged tentacles from the air.
The killer was following the same yacht in Larry’s vision.

The yacht pulled into a narrow channel that had grey smooth boulders on both sides extending several hundred feet straight up. Against the crystal clear water the huge boulders looked like giant marbles of different sizes stacked to the top with shades of different grey colors on each smooth boulder. The killer sped past the opening then turned the patrol boat around creating an arc of white water and slowed to a crawl. The yacht traveled a third of a mile and pulled to the side and dropped anchor. The yachters were spending the night.
It was dark now as the Sun had retired for another day. Larry had his night vision goggles on as he landed in the bird’s stealth mode. He was on the cliffs directly above the killer. Larry had a Remington 700 sniper rifle with a night vision scope. The killer was changing into a wet suit with scuba gear, he was determined this night. Larry needed to act quickly before the target was swallowed by the lake; he set up his rifle and loaded his ice bullet from his dry ice cooler. He aimed---thawp, a direct hit on the top of the killers head as he was preparing to dive.

Larry had saved another innocent life

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