Jack was hired and he asked Angie out to dinner to get acquainted. They were at a nice restaurant discussing their handicaps.
“I enjoyed that today, watching you was fun.”
“You were handy too.” Jack joked.
They both laughed at the pun.
“How did you lose your legs, if I may ask?”
“It`s ok, I’ll tell you.”
“I was on a night recon with two other seals in Iraq. We were sneaking up on an Iraqi command post at three am Iraqi time.”
The moon cascaded over the dunes and a slight wind would cause sand to spiral up like a mini tornado. It was an ocean of sand stretching forever. The moon made the sand look like grey water rolling in high swells,
“There was a lone guard checking the southern perimeter and I quietly took him out. Then we were moving slowly toward the command post when a squad of six Iraqis appeared over a ridge in the dunes.
We all three hit the sand and lay perfectly still. They didn’t see us but we were about thirty yards in front of them and they were moving toward us. We had to do something quick, I gave the hand command for a pyramid move and then I sprang up and ran horizontally to them to divert their attention. I sprinted for a good seventy five feet as they started firing at me.
They riddled my lower legs with rapid fire and I hit the sand and started firing back. My legs burned from the bullets but the Iraqis had my attention. We now had them in our pyramid formation and my two buddies’ commenced firing. We surprised them in our crossfire and between the three of us we wiped them out. We had radioed in a copter and were rescued and returned to base, my legs were demolished.”
“That was close, but your legs.”
“Shit happens, what about you? Tell me about your hand.”
“We were chasing a bail bond jumper in a dark alley when I tripped and I put out my hands to catch my fall, my left hand hit a broken beer bottle that was sitting upright with the jagged edges; I sliced my left hand and cut my wrist so bad my hand was just dangling. My partner rushed me to the emergency room, they tried to reattach it but it didn’t take.
So I lost my left hand and after the stump healed a friend of dad designed an artificial hand. Not as life threatening as your story, I’ll hand you that.”
“What about your family?”Angie said.
“Lost my parents in a car wreck, then shortly after that I joined the Navy.”
“Any siblings?”
“No, just me.”
“You miss the action in the Navy?”
“Yeah, it’s in my blood.”
“Do you think you`ll like this type of work?”
“Better than a regular job, for sure.”
“Do your legs ever hurt?”
“Yes, sometimes they get to itching and ache.”
“My wrist aches sometimes but it goes away.”
“At least we both function well, a lot of people with our disabilities aren’t as fortunate.”
“Have you met the other two associates with us?”
“Not yet.”
“I’ll introduce you tomorrow, there’s Will Farrow and Andrew Clemmer, both good men. Will is a retired detective and Andy is learning the ropes like you. Will retired from the San Francisco Police Department and Andy wants to be a crime fighter, both are good associates and can be trusted.”

“Tomorrow then.”

Ron’s agency was hired by Mr. Hardesty to find the killer of his wife. Ron had a meeting with his detectives. Detective John Sampson was asked to speak about the strange events surrounding the serial killer, The Unholy Priest.
“The serial killer nicknamed `The Unholy Priest` strangled Mrs. Hardesty at her home. Then he was shot and killed in the driveway. The second killer didn’t leave any evidence and there weren’t any witnesses.”
“What about the forensics on the bullet?” Angie asked.
“Here it gets interesting, he used an ice bullet.”
“He must have had a cooler.” Jack replied.
“Another point is that he surely was stalking or how else would he have known the time and place? We ran a check on the database of active serial killers and discovered that two active serial killers were murdered in the last six months with ice bullets. These killings were in locations spread across the US.
Ted Brewster with the FBI is here to cover serial murders involving these bizarre events. Ted is heading a task force investigating what we call the `Ice Man`.
“I know everyone has questions and I’ll try to be helpful. The US has about 85% of serial killers worldwide. Their profiles vary but the common denominator is the victim. The victim of each killer is a definite type. The `Ice Man` fits this profile but in a new and startling way.
He picks serial killers and has a vigilante mindset. Since he is the first of his kind we’re not sure how he fits in, we’ve simply added him to our serial killer database for the time being. Until we find out more he’s the Ice Man/serial killer that kills serial killers. For simplicities sake he will be known as The Ice Man.”
Ron raises a thought. “Actually this killer is saving lives by terminating active serial killers!”
“Yes, in an illegal way he is. Many serial killers will kill for years before they are caught and some have never been caught. You’re right Ron he is saving lives. It’s still murder and he must be apprehended. We want this guy captured and are very interested how he finds his victims. His methods we can learn from. Two serial killers he shot before The Unholy Priest weren’t even known by the FBI or any law enforcement agency. We have put the `Ice Man` at the top of our list.”
“The FBI created a special task force to handle the Ice Man. This guy is at the top of our list. We are setting up state run sub units with state law enforcement. Detective Sampson has been selected to operate the California unit and he has requested the help of the Cisco Detective Agency.”
Ron raised his hand. “We are private business agency and rely on monies from our customers.”
“The Director has authorized that your agency be paid your usual fee plus expenses.”
“Isn’t this unusual to do that?”
“Based on your credentials and success we have made an exception”
“In addition, each member of detective Sampson’s team will carry temporary FBI badges and have the authority associated with those badges, under our supervision.”
The troops have been assigned and the battle plan agreed on. The goal was the arrest of the Ice Man and the fight against serial killers. All the participants were eager to fight this battle and were ready for action. Little did they know that they were going after an intelligent, crafty, and worthy adversary ---.
The Ice Man

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