Murder hunt amid London's street gangs

Introducing Pete Kennedy, a Met detective who wishes he could spend more time with his kids and less with the violent youth of London. He's still in the pub celebrating his latest court success when he's called out to a fresh shooting - and is soon plunged into a nightmare world where boys kill and are killed for coming from the wrong postcode. Soon he has a prime suspect in his sights but the gang he is up against won’t give up without a fight – even if that means taking the battle to a police officer’s own family. 

As Kennedy tries to build a case in the face of a wall of silence, he finds the next generation of street criminals emerging – not even in their teens, but already preparing to follow their older brothers on the road to riches, prison or death. 

And as the war between two gangs escalates, Kennedy is drawn into confrontations that take him way beyond the police rule book and the law – and leave him confronting the toughest choices a policeman can face. 

All Day, Every Day is a fast-paced thriller which goes behind the headlines about street gangs and shootings to lift the lid on the reality of life for young men in London’s roughest areas – and the police who hunt them.

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