Murder Mystery Party at the Library!

Well, all week I've been plotting out a mystery party event for the library where I work. It's set to begin in about 30 minutes. 18 people are shortly to arrive to try and solve the mystery I've devised based on some of my novel writing. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Tonight's event is the third of its kind, but the first to cull plot details from the mystery series I write. Participants are going to have to solve 4 murders, 3 of which are retrospective. The setting is a library lecture in 1988, so trying to match clues without the conveniences of 2009 is a bit restrictive. I just hope I haven't overlooked anything or made it too hard. Still, everyone should have fun. That is the point after all.

Well, time to do some last minute checking to see that everything is ready. Will post a follow up when I've recovered!

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