Holy Crap, have things changed in the span of one year or what?
Ok, I'm sitting here on my bed in my apartment in Italy that I rent once a
year, same as I've been doing every year for the past three Falls. Like
most of Italy, the ancient buildings are the same, the good natured
people are the same, the priceless works of art are the same, the old
recipes are still melt in you mouth, the Tuscan hills still damp from
almost daily rains, the olive groves lush with fruit, the Chinati still
blood red.

I'm still sitting at the old wood desk beside the window that opens up onto the cobbled street four stories below, the
sound of boots on the stone creating a kind of rat-tat-tat rhythm that
combines with the tap of keys and somehow propels my work. Energizes it

But what's changed.
I'm a bestseller for one. Not in one Amazon category, but at least five. Five that I've seen anyway. How has
that happened for me? Blame it on the publisher. My newest publisher,
StoneHouseInk and its new imprint StoneGate Ink, not only welcomed me in
via my agent this past spring, but took enough interest to republish my
out of print novels. While the first novel they published this past
summer, The Remains, has exploded in sales and great reviews, StoneGate was quick to follow up with The Innocent, the re-publication of my critically acclaimed novel, As Catch Can.

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