My bizarro-crime book SQUID PULP BLUES is now available...

My second book SQUID PULP BLUES is now available from Eraserhead Press. It's a collection of 3 novellas taking place in the same sleazy NJ town of Thompson. It's bizarro crime fiction.

"An intriguing mix of film noir storytelling strained through a colander of pure bizarro." – TOM PICCIRILLI, author of A CHOIR OF ILL CHILDREN and THE MIDNIGHT ROAD.

"Krall explores Thompson (an overt homage to legendary crime writer Jim Thompson), New Jersey in all of its violent, surreal, often comical detail... His plotting almost seems like standard crime novel fare: deals gone bad, angry psychopathic assassins, bosses wronged; but he adds a sort of squidy Krallness that will greatly appeal to lovers of bizarro fiction."- Andersen Prunty, author of THE OVERWHELMING URGE and ZEROSTRATA.

On the surface, Thompson looks like any other blue collar New Jersey town.
But beneath the working class exterior lies a bizarro world of fetishistic crime,
sleazy motels, and squid. In these three bizarro-noir novellas, the reader is
thrown into a world of murderers, drugs made from squid parts, deformed war
veterans, and a mischievous apocalyptic donkey...


Red Henry Hooper just got out on parole. He meets his friends, fellow small-time criminals
Dix Hayden and Grant Minissi, in a cheap motel to drink a couple beers and perhaps plan
another job. Things go sour when Grant takes some bad drugs. Meanwhile, in the next
room, strange things are happening that will make Henry's day even worse: a woman is
missing her feet and a notorious local gangster Robert Hapertas (aka The Haberdasher)
is on his way. And he's not pleased...


Tommy Pingpong knew it was a mistake sending his partner Jake into the meeting with
their boss. Now they were on the run from Peachy, a diaper-wearing gangster who would
like nothing better than to kill the both of them. On top of that, the deformed war veterans
called the longheads are buying up all the guns in town, planning something big that'll
have severe implications for the town of Thompson.


When Simon Palmer took the black envelope from the tall man in the parking lot, he
didn't know that this case of mistaken identity would make his day take such a weird
turn for the worst. When the man finally realizes that he gave the envelope to the
wrong guy, Simon is thrown into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game that finally leads
to a sleazy carnival of squid violence...

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