My Book, Reaper's Dozen, Is Now Available

Hey, gang:

Following the example set by you-know-who, I have decided to take the guerrilla route to getting my written work "out there"--wherever "there" may be. My book, Reaper's Dozen, is a collection of short stories written over the last ten years, and was published today as a multi-format ebook at Smashwords, and will soon appear on Amazon for the Kindle e-reader.

Here's the description:

"Twelve thrilling tales of crime and suspense by a writer whom USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Forster says is “a fresh, new voice in modern crime that shouldn’t be missed.”

Meet Tony Fallon, a rookie cop who learns a hard lesson when he must save a woman kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend; private eye John Coburn, who won’t let the law get in the way of revenge; Jack Rose, who helps a ghost solve her murder; David Hood, who must protect his son when both are taken hostage in their own home; Roger Flynn, who receives a ransom note for a wife he doesn’t have; Alan Fargo, who commits murder to cover-up another crime; and Matt Webb, a hit man who considers himself just another working. . .stiff.

Brian Drake has been a writer of mystery and crime fiction since his first publication at age 25, and discusses important contributions to the hard-boiled canon at his blog, “Brian Drake Explains It All” ( In his spare time, Brian, a California native, can be found racing through the back canyon roads of the Central Valley in a bright red hot rod. Someday he may get a dog."

I hope you'll take time to check it out at Smashwords, where you can sample the first 15% of the book free--that means, no charge.

Here's the link to my Smashwords author profile:

Here's the link to my book page, where you can sample or purchase the book:

What's nice about this is, with Smashwords, you don't need to have an ereader to read the book; you can download it directly to your computer. Amazon doesn't give you that option.

Please help me spread the word.

Thank you for your support!

In the meantime, I remain.....

Obediently yours,

Brian Drake

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