My crime and thriller novels are featured on The Book Depository's web site

I'm tickled pink to have been chosen by major online retailer, The Book Depository, as one of their Authors of the Month to appear on their Featured Crime and Thriller Page. I have a special tab in the crime/thrillers section (Pauline Rowson) where my crime and thriller novels appear alongside fellow crime writer, Graham Hurley, whose novels are also incidently set in the Portsmouth area like mine. My novels are also featured alongside Classic Crime and M.J. Rose and just below one of my favourite authors, Reginald Hill, along with P.D James and Ian Rankin, so I'm in exalted company!

There are some special prices and having bought books from The Book Depository myself know they deliver swiftly and provide a good service.

If you're not familiar with my novels (I haven't been around as long as the others mentioned above-having only been published in crime fiction in 2006) then you can read the first chapters on line on the relevant pages of my official web site.

Tide of Death is the first in the Inspector Horton marine mystery crime series, followed by Deadly Waters, The Suffocating Sea, Dead Man's Wharf and Blood On The Sand. The stand alone crime thrillers are In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill.

Last year The Book Depository chose my Inspector Horton novel, The Suffocating Sea as one of the 'Best of British Crime Fiction' when it was released in trade paperback. On Friday it will be published in mass market paperback.

I am hugely grateful for the support given to me by The Book Depository and especially pleased because this initiative wasn't 'bought' by my publisher but was selected by the staff at The Book Depository who happen to enjoy reading my novels. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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