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For all readers who love LeCarre and Forsyth novels and movies, I am contributing my recently published CROSSROADS thriller. I am also expecting my The Raven Affair to be published in 2009. Another thriller in the same genre. My third novel, Last Flight to Rome, needs a bit more work before submission. And my fourth novel, Tunnel, is still in the 'formative' stage. Interested readers can find my novels at I have received a couple of very complimentary reviews and I am expecting another review, soon, from a Harlequin reviewer. I have also submitted Crossroads to the MBR and it jumped over the first barrier.

A most recent reader's comment
Hi Steven,
I thought there was plenty of punch in your writing. Looks like you've done lots of research to make it authentic. Well done. Do you like Robert Goddard? His early stuff is a great benchmark.


"Reminiscent of John Le Carre with a dash of Ian Flemming, Steven Nedelton's Crossroads plunges us deep into the complicated and not yet thawed Cold War mind-power experimentations and its dubious dark characters that once inhabited that volatile underworld. Written with an uncanny knack for plot and time-shifting, this 21st century thriller also introduces us to 20 th century CIA Agent David Tallman, the main character who possesses depth, passion and, in the grand tradition of Hemingway at his best, more than his fair share of tragedy and wickedness. An unusually multi-layered and absorbing novel, Crossroads will be and should be read by thriller and spy novel enthusiasts all over the globe."
--Vincent Zandri, author of As Catch Can and the forthcoming Moonlight Falls

“Crossroads is an international spy thriller with an intriguing plot that twists and turns thus engaging the interest of the reader till the final page. It contains an array of interesting characters ranging from the bottom of the food chain like Mme Benoit, an ex-cop turned killer for hire Hans Polf to the top Russian Special Operations boss Sergey Sokolov. In this spy game no one is spared, no one is indispensable. It’s how each character meets his/her end that makes the plot suspenseful and satisfying as a spy thriller. The plot flirts back and forth, from the United States, to Russia and to France giving it an international flair.
Steven Nedelton has a flair for details – a good example is how the fallen Volkov stalked Solkolov to have his revenge. Time and time again, Nedelton painstakingly builds up a scene before the violence erupted, giving the plot suspense and visual detail. He has a keen eye for details.
A good read for a lazy day at home.”
--Mei L, a reviewer

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