We talk about peace on earth, but that's a joke, as is good will to men. We wish folks happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa knowing that they have heartaches that won't go away just because it's the holiday season. So what genuine wish can be sent out?

I'm not sure how I'd say it in person, but the wish I have for every person is that he or she finds a passion in life that makes all the rest of it worthwhile. For some it's family, and their faces light when they speak of their children, spouse, or grandchildren. For others it's their work, which gives them a sense of worth and contribution. Some passionately support an organization, whether it's the VFW or the local food pantry. For others a hobby makes life rewarding. I know people who can do fifteen minutes easily on the bird they're carving on a whiskey bottle stopper.

I'm not sure if writing is a job or a hobby for me, but it is a passion, and if you read this blog regularly, I suspect it is for you as well. Passion means you can shut out the rest of the world, all the ugliness and unhappiness, while you concentrate on that thing that makes you who you are, makes you want to keep going. It's the only way you can have happy holidays, or happy any days.

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