Mysteries of the Art World by Margot Justes


A potential Leonardo da Vinci sketch had been unearthed, more precisely an art historian thought that it was "absolutely Leonardesque" but that it was probably drawn by one of da Vinci's students.


An exam showed that the sketch was done closer to 1473-yes they could narrow it down to the year-amazing isn't it-what science can do? At any rate, Leonardo da Vinci did not have any apprentices or students until the late 1470's. That leaves the work as that of the master himself, or does it?


The mystery continues, the historian is convinced that he has the first portrait drawing  the master did.


Now, the fun begins, the research, the absolute proof-that yes the sketch was done by Leonardo da Vinci. That would be lovely, but it is a long road to the absolute.


The paper is tested to check the properties and identify them as belonging to the era, they will test the chalk and pencil for the same reason. They were able to tell that both hands were used in that particular sketch, and it is known that da Vinci was reputed to be left-handed, but at the early start of his career he used both hands.


Would you believe that a reconstructed da Vinci fingerprint exists? It does. Another step that brings us closer to the ongoing search for knowledge about the great master.


Paper was expensive during the era and often re-used, and they found another drawing of an animal underneath the new sketch.  Leonardo was known to draw animal figures, and the style matched.


Much is known about da Vinci, much can be found using modern day science techniques to give us a rare glimpse into the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.


There are art detectives who attempt to solve the mysteries of newly found masterpieces like the first portrait sketch attributed to da Vinci.


There is enough proof that the piece is probably the master's, but the final absolute is still a work in progress.


Till next time.

Margot Justes

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