Mythica to launch free monthly Newsletter. Submissions and Subscribers Invited

Mythica Publishing are about to launch their free monthly newsletter. I'm delighted that an article of mine will appear in the first issue. This is a really exciting new project from Graeme Houston and his innovative new company and submissions are invitred from prospective contributors. Anyone who'd like to receive Mythica's Newsletter simply has to visit the website at and sign up. there's no obligation to buy books or anything else. This is the information from the company website:

Mythica Publishing Newsletter Arrives!
Another exciting development for us as we herald the arrival of the Mythica Publishing newsletter. Find out about upcoming releases or track your favourite author. Find out what writers are working on right now! Check out the latest rumours. It's all here! Stay informed about the latest industry news from the perspective of an indie publisher. You can see what issues really matter to a small press. But more than anything else, that book you've always been looking for but just didn't know it will be in here, someday. Some day soon!

Every month the Mythica Publishing newsletter will feature some or all of the following - depending on what we can get our hands on for you! (and much more besides)

Author Interviews Debates / Talk Short Stories
Flash Fiction News Reader's Letters
Industry News Opinions Articles
Reviews Quotes Stories

We don't just confine ourselves to talking about Mythica Publishing, though we have such great authors we probably could. Truth be told, we believe variety is the spice of life. Lots of opportunity then to digress and go off at a tangent. Too many newsletters are sent out for the sake of marketing purposes, but do you ever read them? Try this one - it could well be the one you actually look forward to every month!

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