New - Alexander Steele and the Ring of Death


I'am putting the finishing touches of Philly detective Alex Steele's newest story Ring of Death. This short story follows the newly released novel BLACKOUT.  It is the prequel to the very successful Case of the Death Dealer which takes place in Philadelphia.

The Case of the Ring of Death will lure our famous Philly detective into the secret world behind the scenes in the Vatican.  Follow Steele as he attempts to solve this baffling case while preserving old traditions and avoiding a major scandal in the church.

A man who holds a powerful secret has been found dead in the middle of the night on the steps of the main branch of the Philadelphia Library . He has no ID, no phone not even a watch.  Steele's only clue....... a spoon tucked inside his sock.

Alexander Steele and the Ring of Death coming in May.

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