Today sees the official publication of the unabridged audio book version of The Suffocating Sea, the third in the Inspector Horton Marine Mystery series of crime novels set in the Solent area of the UK. It is also the publication date of three new marketing and sales books written by me.

The Suffocating Sea has been published by Isis Publishing as an Unabridged Audio Book. Just released (1 August 2009) it is read by Gordon Griffin and is available in cassette and CD form and as a download. I was very pleased that it was chosen by The Book Depository as one of ten 'Best of British Crime Fiction,' and was hailed by Booklist in the USA as a 'Gripping, suspense-filled murder entertaining read in an engaging series.' It features the rugged and flawed detective, Inspector Andy Horton and his sidekick Sergeant Cantelli.

I'm also fortunate to have three new marketing and sales books published today by Crimson Publishing, as part of an exciting new business series - Get Brilliant Results Fast.

Successful Marketing, Successful Sales and Successful Customer Serv... are packed full of tips and techniques to help businesses get results quickly. They include case studies, action points and a quick recap at the end of each chapter.

It's good to have more material out there. It's been interesting revising my business books for republication, but my first love is fiction writing and especially crime and thriller fiction, so on with the Inspector Horton I'm currently writing.

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