New issue of KRL filled with Left Coast fun & Jonnie Jacobs interview/giveaway

The new issue of Kings River Life is up and first off we have the last in our Road To Left Coast Crime 2012 series with an interview with Jonnie Jacobs, a review of her latest mystery novel "Paradise Falls" & a chance to win a copy of the book
We also have some Left Coast Crime memories & tips from authors who will be at LCC this year and KRL has interviewed or reviewed in the past such as Clark Lohr, Kris Neri, Rhys Bowen & others

I will be headed off to LCC early Thursday morning--if you're going come find me and say hi (I'll be wearing a Kings River Life t-shirt at least most of the time) and if you're an author pull me over for a mini video interview--all interviews will be posted in KRL after I get back! Not only will I be wandering the halls, but on Friday evening at 5:30 you can find me and some pals from Hollywood & Crime in the Public Market Bar at the Sheridan and from time to time you can find me on the second floor in the mini lobby called the Link where I'll also be available to do interviews & will have KRL up on the laptop for your viewing.
Happy reading!

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