My new official website has now been running for a month and I am pleased to say we have had excellent feedback from it. (Thank you Darren of Metadas Media for being such a talented web developer.) What’s great about it is that we can instantly update it ourselves, at any time, quickly and easily. We can post new events as they are confirmed, new book releases, interviews, plus all the latest news stories. Over the coming months we will start to build on this and make sure all our visitors and my fans can get the latest information.

New look e newsletter

In addition, we’ve just launched our first new look e-newsletter. So if you would like to ensure you have the latest tit-bits of information and news, or perhaps don’t have time to check the web site every week, then we’ll send you an alert when something new has been posted, plus a regular e newsletter (about once every four to six weeks).

There’s plenty happening and please remember you can also ask about any of my writing projects or about my characters, either here or by using the call to action form at the bottom of the blog page. And if you would like to go on my mailing list then please complete the form on the Mailing List page.

I'll also be doing some guest writing and interviews on the web site in the coming months. And you can share the web pages on my new web site with your friends or colleagues. So take a look at and let me know what you think or sign up for my e newsletter.

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