My mongoose series deals with the main character who searches for the roots of a 40 year old plot to not just take his life or the life of the blackman but to dissenfranchise every minority in America. the main character is comparable to the black agents within the FBI and CIA and the black Generals in the United States Armed Forces. As a young black male, whom is an ex-con the main character is exonerated of escape charges after being on the run from a crazed U.S. Marshall wo goes psychologically over the edge as he sells out for more money and power. This series of novels shows the plight of the blackman in America as he tries to succeed within a system that is designed for him to fail and ultimately die a horrible death at the hands of the very system he works for and laws he risk his life to protect. The 20th Century was a time of great advancements for America and Humanity, native americans, polish, irish, oriental immigrants and blacks who struggled in the previous 3 centuries, evolving and ultimately making this country what it is today. SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE begins the embodiment of all these struggles in the 21st century and new millenium but SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE is only the first in a series of novels carefully crafted to explore these distinct possiblities. The character in this series is African-American but his plight is universal!

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