New Video Uploaded-The Inspiration Behind In Cold Daylight

I've uploaded a new video. In it I discuss the inspiration behind my fast-paced crime thriller novel, In Cold Daylight. I'm also reading the prologue from the novel.
Here is a short blurb about In Cold Daylight- there is more about the book on my web site

Was fire fighter, Jack Bartholomew's death an accident or arson? Who is determined to stop him from discovering the truth behind the cancer deaths of so many fire fighters from one watch? His closest friend, marine artist, Adam Greene, is forced to take up the quest. His mission to get to the truth no matter what the cost, even if it means his life.

In Cold Daylight is dedicated to my fire fighting husband, Bob, his colleagues of Red Watch, Southsea, and to all fire fighters everywhere. A great bunch of people. They do a fantastic job.

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