NEWSFLASH: Matthew Dunn author of “Spycatcher “ and Benjamin Sobieck author of “Cleansing Eden” will be on The G-ZONE Thursday August 11th @ 6am EST

Matthew Dunn author of “Spycatcher” and Benjamin Sobieck  author of “Cleansing Eden” will be on The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show on Thursday, August 11th at 6am to discuss their novels.

Spycatcher and Matthew Dunn:

“ Will Cochrane is Spartan.

MI6’s Spartan Program allows one man to go through the program and, if he is not dead at the end of it, he carries the title Spartan. No others are allowed in the program while the current Spartan lives. There is only one Spartan and he is MI6’s most valuable—and volatile—asset.

In SPYCATCHER (William Morrow, on sale 8/9/11, ISBN 13: 9780062037671, $25.99) Matthew Dunn, an ex MI6 agent himself, introduces Will Cochrane, a seasoned, battle-scarred agent, who doesn’t play by the rules. His handlers can’t control him. Terrorists can’t outsmart him. And readers won’t be able to resist him.

The first in a series of Will Cochrane thrillers, SPYCATCHER marks the debut of a compelling and complex hero whose cold exterior hides a sensitivity and deep desire for vengeance. Will is a wild card, but his unpredictability may be the perfect weapon to bring down the world’s most wanted international terrorist mastermind, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general whose code name is Megiddo. And Will has his own reasons for catching this madman: He suspects that Megiddo is the man responsible for the horrific death of a special agent in Iran 25 years ago—a man Will can barely remember.

Dunn draws on his years of experience in the British Secret Intelligence Service to write a thriller that sizzles with authenticity. Through Dunn’s insider perspective, readers get a rare look into the mind of a spy—and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to track down one of the world’s most dangerous international criminals.

Will tracks down a woman who once had an affair with Megiddo, believing that she might be an ideal go-between in his elaborate plan to trap his prey. The woman is reluctant to contact Megiddo, but when she does, he suddenly seems ready to make his move. Just as he seems in Will’s grasps, Megiddo’s real plans are revealed, and everyone knows it will be a race to the finish across the capitals of Europe and the northeastern US to avoid an attack the likes of which the world has never seen.

SPYCATCHER is a fascinating game of arms and wits played out in a high-octane, action-packed story from a very unusual writer, a man who has really ‘walked the walk’.”


Matthew Dunn spent 5 years in the British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, as a field officer. His role required him to recruit and run agents, coordinate and participate in special operations and to operate in deep-cover roles throughout the world in order to collect secret intelligence to support the West’s ongoing fight against hostile and unpredictable regimes, state-sponsored terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. His missions required him to travel extensively and typically he operated in highly hostile environments where, if compromised and captured, he would have been executed.

Matthew was trained in all aspects of intelligence collection and direct action including agent running and debriefing, deep-cover deployments, small-arms, explosives, military unarmed combat, surveillance, anti-surveillance, counter-surveillance, advanced driving, infiltration and exfiltration techniques and covert communications. His skills were widely deployed by him in the field. Matthew typically worked alone but he also had significant experience of working with highly-specialized units of the British SAS and SBS as well as joint-operations with MI5, GCHQ, the CIA and BND.

Matthew was security cleared to the very highest level in Britain. Because of the nature of his work in MI6, Matthew is bound by a life-long pledge of secrecy regarding his methods of work, agents, missions and overall knowledge of the British Intelligence community and its allies. He remains in close contact with MI6 and will never breach its trust in him.

Medals are never awarded to modern MI6 officers, but Matthew was the recipient of a very rare personal commendation from the Secretary of State For Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs for work he did on one mission which was deemed so significant that it directly influenced the successful conclusion of a major international incident.

During his time in MI6, Matthew conducted approximately seventy missions. All of them were successful.

 About “Cleansing Eden” and Benjamin Sobieck:

“Obsessions? Yes everyone has them, but does everyone act on them? Cleansing Eden is the story of the characters’ different obsessions and what lengths they will go to get what they want or feel they must absolutely have or do. See what this simple word means and does to different people in this fast, hard hitting, action filled, and suspenseful full length novel from Trestle Press.

When a smooth-talking stranger offers aimless runaway Nick Eden a way off the streets, he jumps on the chance at a new life. The stranger provides the things Nick never had: regular meals, a warm place to sleep, plenty of praise and a peculiar drug called Bluegrasse.

But there's a catch. The stranger's purpose for Nick is killing celebrities deemed too damaging to society.


As the body count rises, Nick must choose what means more to him: a twisted sense of purpose or the lives of the people he's called to kill.

His professional journalism career spans newspapers, magazines, television, websites and books. Sobieck is currently an online editor for a group of national outdoors magazines and one television show. He has a degree in journalism and a minor in creative writing from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. He and his wife reside in Minnesota.”


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