Noir Legend in the Making: Heath Lowrance

I might not be the most religious or spiritual guy on the planet, and chances are, on any given Sunday you won't find me occupying a church pew. Fact is you're more likely to find me tipping a cold one in some dark juke joint with friends after my writing day is over. But every now and then I meet someone who has an almost spiritual affect on me. A spiritual affect so profound that it can alter the course of my life. Noted noir author and critic, Heath Lowrance, is one of those special people. It also turns out, he's one of those buds I'd be tipping one with in the dark bar, if only we lived in within close proximity of one another. What did Hemingway once say? "I'm going to be read by the low brows and praised by the high brows!" Heath is one of the rare individuals who can go mano e mano with the highbrows and fit in comfortably with the lows. So am I, I should hope....


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