They'll tell you an author can't succeed without them, but at a certain point, this one sure wishes she could!

My blog tour for DEAD FOR THE MONEY starts this week, and the schedule is printed below. There are of course prizes if you're willing to visit blogs and make comments between now and June 7th (even comments on this blog will work). LL Publications provided invaluable help with the tour in the form of a publicist who contacted all the bloggers and made dates for me to visit. But somebody has to write all those posts, and wouldn't you know it, they expect the author to do it!

Different bloggers want different things, so if you visit one of the sites below, you might find interviews with Seamus about what it's like to be a cross-back or you might get my view of some aspect of writing. The killer part of it is getting all the posts to line up so that Post 1 links to Post 2, which links to Post 3 and back to Post 1. You can see how this would confuse a tiny mind like mine.

Anyway, here's the schedule. Please stop in from time to time and comment. You could win a book or a T-shirt, or get you name in Dead Detective Book #3. Besides, I love hearing from people!

May 2 Keeping It Straight-Murder Must Advertise

May 3 Seamus Interview Part 1-The Stiletto Gang-

May 4 Seamus Interview Part 2- Travels with Kaye-

May 7 Seamus Interview Part 3- Melissa's Imaginarium-

May 8 Writing a Mystery Series- Nancy's Notes from Florida-

May 9 How Did I Know I'd Made It?- Suspense Your Disbelief-

May 10 Choosing a Great Title- LL-Publications-

May 11 Seamus Interview Part 4- Candid Canine-

May 15 Writers in Corners- Terry Odell-

May 16 Seamus Interview Part 5- It's Not All Gravy-

May 21 Taking Stock- Criminal Minds at Work-

May  25 Paranormal-Not That There's Anything Wrong with That 

                        Jolie DuPre-

June 5 What Do I Call Success?-Buried Under Books-

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