I'm mostly amused but sometimes bemused by people who can't get over the fact that I didn't like a book they liked. They suggest a book or an author, and before I can stop myself, I say something like, "I tried it (or read it) and didn't care for it." Suddenly it's as if I proclaimed that I really enjoyed the last time I sawed off someone's legs. By the look on the person's face, I know I've been relegated in her mind to idiot. She might say something to indicate that I obviously didn't try hard enough. She might begin a long series of arguments designed to convince me that it really was the best book ever, if I'd just open my closed, tiny little mind. And there may be intermittent comments for the rest of eternity on the subject: "I can't believe you don't like..." or to others, "She doesn't like..." With an nasty little inflection on "she," as if I'm another species entirely.

Come on! I don't expect you all to love the Green Bay Packers, Hershey bars, and khaki pants. Can't I have a little leeway in my wide reading tastes to decide that this author or that one just isn't my cup of tea?

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Comment by I. J. Parker on June 13, 2009 at 4:49am
Bravo, Clair.
Comment by Clair Dickson on June 13, 2009 at 1:02am
I usually add something to the end of "To each their own-- some people even eat coconut. I mean, it's in a thick shell for a REASON." Smile.

If I'm feeling snarky, I might mention there wasn't enough sex and/ or violence in the book. That usually works pretty well. If it doesn't, I can go on about where and how to add more sex and violence... until they generally leave me alone.

And I don't care if people think I'm another species. Most of the time, I really wish I was. Then I could further distance myself from the vile behaviors exhibited there. =)
Comment by Dana King on June 13, 2009 at 12:17am
First off, I'm confused. You say, "I really enjoyed the last time I sawed off someone's legs" like it's a bad thing.

Second, it's not up to me, you, any reader to have th "try hard enough" to like someone's book. That's the author's job. No one will like everything. Some don't like anything. No author is universally beloved. I hear rumors there are even some who don't think highly of James Patterson. Imagine that.

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