I’ve mentioned Operation Paperback before.

To use their words, “Operation Paperback is a non-profit
organization that collects gently used books nationwide and sends them to
American troops deployed overseas.” Since 1999, the organization shipped over
1.3 million books to our soldiers.

We collect books at work and to date have shipped 1,026
books. We accept donations from our employees and a few libraries have given us
their ‘withdrawals’.

I love books and for me there is no greater pleasure, than
to see someone else enjoy the escape from reality that a book provides. I
assume that is especially true for our soldiers. If anyone needs an escape from
a brutal reality, it most certainly would be a soldier in the middle of a war.

There is a VA Medical Center that needs books, and it’s not
difficult or expensive to send a box. The US Postal Service provides free
shipping supplies, and there is a special flat rate for the boxes earmarked for
the military.

Joining the organization is easy, just go to: www.operationpaperback.org

I was asked not to provide the name of the facility, however
if you e-mail me at mjustes@earthlink.net,
I will be able to give you the name of the medical center, or if you prefer to
send the books to me, I will give you my shipping address.  I’ll make sure the center receives them.

For just a little bit of an effort, you can make a
difference in a soldier’s life, make it a bit more palatable for them and let
them know you care.

Till next time,

Margot Justes


A Hotel in Paris



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