I guess it's a good idea. I know people who are making good money writing books tied to hobbies or jobs or pastimes they enjoy. Apparently everyone in the reading public who likes that hobby runs out and buys the books. Too bad I don't knit or quilt or play hockey!

My hobby, is suppose, is history, and I'm every bit as guilty of indulging myself when I write as those who write about flower arranging or antique collecting. We like to share what we know and what we do with others, and we also happen to like mysteries. So why not put the two together?

I'll admit that I get bored when an author goes too deeply into the thing, whatever it is. I don't mind a bit of detail on body checking or doll restoration or snake handling. It's interesting, it's new to me, and I'm learning. I think the key is (as in all things) moderation. If the reader doesn't need to know it to enjoy/comprehend the mystery, then as an author, I should tread carefully. Just because I'm fascinated with the mess Henry VIII created with his six wives doesn't mean the reader will be. If I can weave it into the story so it makes the plot move along, good. If I can't, no matter how cool I find it, I should leave it out.

And that goes for all that cool stuff on how nuclear submarines operate, too, Mr. T.C.!

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