Lee Child returns to Jack Reacher's time while a member of the military to tell this story.


Reacher is a major in the military police and assigned to observe a murder investigation outside of a U.S. Ranger base in rural Mississippi.


He meets the sheriff, Elizabeth Devereaux. She tells him she's investigating the death of that woman but also two others. All three women were attractive but the other two women were black. Only the white woman's death stirred up any concern in Mississippi.


Devereaux is prevented from her investigation in that her authority stops at the military base, gate. Reacher sympathises with her. He learns she was a member of the military police and they decide to work the case together. Eventually they have a romantic relationship.


The pacing is well done and the plot moves rapidly with some built in humor as Reacher deals with a group of hillbillies.

A well told story that will keep the reader's attention.

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