Well, the page proofs are now sitting on my desk, ready for action! That’s right, Kiss of Death, book 5 in the Sophie Anderson series, is almost ready for the printers here in Australia – sorry, quite a bit longer until press time in other countries :(

My job now is to do a final proof of the typeset pages and write the acknowledgements – that’s it. Can’t believe it’s almost done. A huge sense of both relief and fear; relief that I’m finished and fear that it’ll soon be entirely out of my hands.

Coming soon – case files
This week I’ve been looking at ways to improve my website and have decided to put up “case files” for The Killing Hands and Kiss of Death. These case files will include photos and videos of the crime-scene locations (taken during my 2008 visit to LA), character lists, research info, references, etc.

I’m aiming to get the case file for The Killing Hands up in time to coincide with its North American release on November 1. I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll also be adding RSS feeds and a comment feature to my blog in the next few weeks.

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Comment by Phillipa Martin (PD Martin) on October 11, 2009 at 10:53am
Hi Reid. First off congrats on getting published - no small feat :) So, page proofs. I guess at this stage it's good to remember that it's too late for any major changes. Just look for typos, etc. I'm sure your publisher will have assigned a proofreader to your book, but it's also good to get a friend to have a look too (especially for the first book). Page proofs are the easiest stage and the hardest - because you have to resist making changes. Good luck!
Comment by RONALD FEASEL on October 10, 2009 at 10:51pm
I.m wating on proofs for my first book. Being new to this do you have any tips ?

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