Pauline Rowson book signing at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival on 22 April

On 22 April I will be at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival Writers Fair, signing copies of my DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels and my thrillers.
The Isle of Wight Writers Fair event is for book lovers.  It features books written on the Island and books about the Island, as long as there is an Isle of Wight connection the book will be there.  As readers of my crime novels know many of them include locations on the Isle of Wight as well as Portsmouth (DI Andy Horton's patch) and the Solent.
In the DI Horton series Blood on the Sand is set primarily on the Isle of Wight.
Inspector Andy Horton’s holiday peace is shattered when stepping out across an abandoned golf course on the Isle of Wight on a cold, grey January, he finds himself facing a distraught young woman with a gun in her hand leaning over a corpse in one of the discarded bunkers. When she professes to be the dead man’s sister and psychic, Horton’s old adversary, DCI Birch, is convinced she is mentally disturbed and the killer, but Horton is not so sure. Soon he is uncovering a web of intrigue that ripples down the years, and which someone is determined should never be revealed
A Killing Coast is partially set on the Island.
When a body is found floating in the sea off Portsmouth harbour, Detective Inspector Horton initially judges it to be an accidental death. Soon though, to his dismay, he discovers he’s got it very wrong. Accused of being incompetent by his boss, and with the head of the Major Crime Team coming down heavily on him, Horton wonders if he’s allowed his ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his mother over thirty years ago to cloud his judgement. With no clear motive for the murder, Horton is sucked into a baffling investigation that he is determined to resolve despite the odds. Not only does he need to find a brutal killer, but Horton now has to prove to himself, and others, that he is still up to the job.
In addition, my thriller In For The Kill is set on the Island.
Alex Albury has it all: a successful business, a luxurious house, wife and two sons. Then one September morning the police burst into his home and arrest him. Now, three and a half years later, newly released from Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight, Alex is intent on finding the man who framed him for fraud and embezzlement. All he knows is his name: James Andover. But who is he? Where is he? Alex embarks on his quest to track down Andover, but with the trail cold he is frustrated at every turn. Worse, he finds himself under suspicion by the police. The pressure is on and Alex has to unearth the answers and quick. But time is running out. For Alex the future looks bleak and soon he is left with the option - to kill or be killed.
The event takes place at  Ventnor Masonic Hall, Grove Road, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Free entry and refreshments available. I'll be there from 14.00 to 16.00.
For more information about the Isle of Wight Arts Festival visit

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