You've heard of a pub crawl. Well, this is the same except it's not.
Same: You "crawl" from one place to another with a lot of other people and read my guest posts.
Different: It's virtual: no taxis, no traffic, no crowded rooms.
Same: You "travel" with like-minded people who are out for a good time.
Different: You'll never see them face-to-face.
Same: You meet new people, visit new places, and enjoy the trip.
Different: No hangover at the end.

Peg's Blog Crawl begins tomorrow, January 31, at my regular blog: My topic is the English language, its origins, its variety, its general craziness. I've named it "Do the Dead Speak Perfect English?" in honor of my February release, THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY.

Did I mention prizes? I'm giving away a book each week, either print or e-book, as the winning commenters choose. I also have some little surprises along the way, so join in and chime in (that's how you enter the prize drawings). You can indulge every weekday in February, learning a little about the eccentricities of English, and you won't have to crawl home!

Here's the Schedule:

Feb. 1 Peg Herring-Why Do We Say That? Part I-Find it at   Feb. 2 Chris Verstraete-Slowing Readers—Bad Policy-Find it at
Feb. 3 Melissa Bradley-He Said, She Panted  
Feb. 4 Marilyn Meredith-The Dreaded Adverb
Feb. 5 Weekend-Draw for Prizes from Week 1
Feb 6 Weekend—
Feb. 7 Rhonda Dossett-The Ones Spell Check Won’t Catch  
Feb 8 Nancy Cohen-Metaphors
Feb. 9 Kaye George-Names Into Words
Feb 10 Lisa Haselton-Losing the Spice 
Feb 11. Chris Redding-Inventing Words 

Feb 12. Weekend-Draw for Prizes from Week 2
Feb.13.BONUS POST Lelia Taylor Syntax and Sentence Structure
Feb.14 Jenny Milchman-Why Do We Say That? Part II 
Feb.15. Pat Brown-Dialogue and What It Reveals and
Feb. 16 Debbi Mack-Portmanteau Words
Feb. 17 Peg Brantley-The Possessive Problem http://www.suspensenovelist.blogspot
Feb 18 Bo Parker-Read It Aloud
Feb 19 Weekend-Draw for Prizes from Week 3
Feb. 20 Weekend
Feb. 21 Jeff Marks-And What About Contractions? 
Feb 22 Geraldine Evans-Idioms
Feb. 23 Maryann Miller-Eccentric Phrases 
Feb. 24 Peg Herring Being Precise 
Feb. 25 –Peg Herring Bad Words
Feb. 26 Weekend-Draw for Prizes from Week 4
Feb. 27 Weekend
Feb. 29 Stacy Juba-Why Do We Say That? Part III
March 1-Final Drawing for Prizes from All Entries

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Comment by sean on January 31, 2011 at 11:02am
That sounds like a blast.  Looking forward to it and have put it on my calendar.  Feel free to check out my blog as well - at

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