I think I mentioned how much I love getting praise from other writers I respect. So you won’t be surprised that I was blown away by this comment from Robert W. Walker, author of Titanic 2012, Bismarck 2013, and The Edge of Instinct:

“Take Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, and a dash of Lawrence Block and what do you get? Austin Camacho! And Camacho means non-stop action, inside knowledge of military procedures and the world of the FBI & DEA. Camacho knows how to keep us turning pages with the deft hand of a master at action and adventure with heroes that make Bond a boyscout by comparison. The Ice Woman Assignment is the 4th installment of the Stark & O'Brien Series, and it provides more entertainment than a Magician Convention in Vegas; a truly adult roller-coaster if ever there was one.”

Have you read it yet?

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