Just dropped the price of my novel Primary Victim on Kindle down to 99 cents. Summary of book below. Check it out either on Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Primary-Victim-ebook/dp/B002J9G8YM/ref=tmm_ki...

or in paperback! http://www.amazon.com/Primary-Victim-Christopher-Cihlar/dp/14486266...

Michael Bloomington is a serial killer whose victims don't die. They linger in prison, struggling to understand how they came to sit in jail convicted of a murder they did not commit.

A brilliant man trained in the intricacies of the law, Michael's goal is to get caught. Only then can his defense, based upon the maxim on which our legal system rests, "better ninety nine guilty men go free than one innocent man be jailed," be tested.

Brice McCallahan is Michael's latest victim. With his memory clouded by a night of heavy drinking and overwhelming evidence pointing to his involvement in the murder of a young woman, even Brice begins to doubt his innocence.

Ted Jamey is the one homicide detective not entirely convinced Brice is a killer. However, as Ted draws closer to the true killer, he also draws closer to unleashing the killer's grand design.

Primary Victim is a novel that tests both the psychological breaking point of an individual and the strength of the legal system governing society

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