Okay, yes, I'm going to promote my latest short story pubs right here. A selfish act, for sure.

However, you may note that there are two rather new ezines here and a small press print anthology all of which are looking for submissions. So, here they are. (I hope all the links work--tried getting them to be links here on CrimeSpace, but when I looked at a preview, all the links were gone. I went back to what I had copied and pasted from Word. So, you may have to copy and paste--so sorry.)

"Taking Care of Our Own" in Crooked:


Guidelines for Crooked are along the side of the page where you can read the story.

"Trolling for Trouble" in Ruthless Peoples Magazine:


Guidelines for Ruthless Peoples Magazine:


and finally, how to order the anthology which has my story, "Blow Up":


Because Lulu didn't list the authors in Strange Mysteries (a very sad omission, IMO), I'm doing it here:

Michael H. Hanson, Jonathan H. Roberts, Jeff Parish, James Hartley, Wayne Scheer, Julian Merrill, Rob Rosen, Barry Hunter, Kyle Hemmings, Rob Loughran, Warren Bull, Arthur Sanchez, Dennis Goldberg, Keith G. Laufenberg, Tony Thorne Mbe, Gary A. Markette, Jeffrey Scott Sims, Glen Batchelor, Ralph Greco Jr. Lucas Pederson, K. Curran Mayer, Jack Hillman, Jack Owen, Jan Christensen, Tom Sheehan.

Recognize anyone else?

And here are the guidelines for Whortleberry Press's Halloween and Christmas anthologies:


I hope this entry has been enlightening. Write, submit; write, submit!

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