'Purple Death' has Received Another Great Review

Reviewer and author Martha Cheves has given my new release 'Purple Death' a wonderful review at the site of Amazon.com I'm so pleased that people appear to be enjoying this latest mystery/thriller.

Here's the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars
A real page turner!,
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Purple Death - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'Sam tried to move his legs and instead fell in a crumpled heap on his office floor. He felt more than just 'ill' now. Fear gripped Sam
while the sweat on his brow began to run down into his eyes. He felt a
constriction in his chest, as if someone had suddenly placed an iron
barrel ring around him and was tightening it by the second. The life
was rapidly being crushed out of his body, but with nothing and no one
there to offer help. Sam Gabriel had never felt so frightened and

Sam Gabriel will become just one of several to die a gruesome death by poisoning. The poison 'aconite' is being administered by what
Detective Inspector Shawn Connor has decided is a serial killer. D.I.
Connor, who heads up a team of investigators, is baffled as to how the
poison is being induced. This question is finally answered after the
third victim is killed. Now Connor must determine if there is a
connection between the victims and follow what few clues he has to
determine who will be next.

DI Connor has determined that a woman is involved but doesn't feel that she's alone. Due to the timing of the deaths and the locations of
the victims, there has to be more than one person involved.

Connor and his team finally come up with a clue which seems to connect most of the victims. The clue pertains to events that happened
over 30 years earlier with most of those involved being deceased. To
Conner, it appears that with each clue that surfaces, another victim
turns up poisoned. He seems to hit nothing but dead ends.

I've read all but 2 books written by Brian Porter and I have to say that if you've never read his writings, you're losing out. Purple Death
has taken me on a road with many curves, most of them sharp. Porter
grabs your attention in the beginning of the book with his Welcome
message and your reading experience goes up from there. He has got to
be one of the best mystery writers I've ever had the pleasure of

Purple Death is available from

AbeBooks.co.uk and from Amazon.co.uk
US readers can of course obtain the book direct from Moongypsy Press or from Amazon.com

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