A group of authors and readers at the Crime Fiction Collective are raising money for a family that lost their home, cars, and workplace in the recent tornado. We're donating all of our royalties through the end of the  month. So if you buy a book, you make a donation. Here's a link to our blog with details about the family.

Crime Fiction Collective

And here's a list of the participating titles:

Drew’s bestselling title: While the Savage Sleeps

L.J.’s bestselling Detective Jackson mysteries:
The Sex Club
Secrets to Die For
Thrilled to Death
Passions of the Dead
Dying for Justice
And standalone thrillers:
The Baby Thief
The Suicide Effect

Judith’s guilty pleasure Skeeter Hughes mysteries:
Where’s Billie?
Whose Hand?

Friend of the blog author C.J. West has decided to join us and donate his e-book sales. His titles are:
The End of Marking Time (A creative, compelling story, L.J. adds)
Taking Stock
Randy Black thrillers:
Sin & Vengeance
A Demon Awaits
Gretchen Green



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