Read My "Wine Into Water" Flash Fiction Piece

The Flash Fiction Offensive published my crime flash fiction piece, Wine Into Water. Here's the first part:

20 Years Ago.

It was shouting "faggot" on the school bus. Bolting off with me at my stop. Stalking me home. Twisting my bones on the sidewalk. Kicking me black. Saying, "This is a test." Smelling of cigarettes and cologne. Locking hands over my mouth.

It was my welcome. My lesson. My seed.

Not now.

15 Years Ago.

It was spitting on me in the hallway. Stealing my lunch. Crafting lies. Pointing fingers. Leaving threats. Obsessing with what it would do to me.

It was my catalyst. My soil. My water.

Not now.

10 Years Ago.

It was holding her down. Laughing when I told that I saw. Consuming innocence. Ruining as it'd been ruined. Blaming the victim. Pounding its chest. Bragging about the whore it’d just made.

It was my reason. My testament. My sprout.

Not now.

Click here to read the rest, when the protag kills this bastard.

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