Cristian Ridilla on Kindle Forum says:

Crossroads is an awesome book. I've really been enjoying it, but it is hard to sometimes find time…”

BookRix: Ljallen wrote:

“Excellent book! I mean Crossroads, good luck, excellent writing skills, pulls you in from the get go!”

“…read this Five Stars novel from an author that I feel is equal to Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, Baldacci and other writers of exciting thrillers.” Fran Lewis: Reviewer, January 7, 2010

CROSSROADS & THE RAVEN AFFAIR Get them while they're hot...

Raven Affair sizzles with action, a great read for any season.

“Once there were three of them, the best in their profession. The Jackal is now gone, leaving only Clerk and The Raven. Men whose services are open to hire. And there are those taking part in the chess game of world domination who do not hesitate to call on them to do their bidding.”

Get it on Amazon, you'll love it. Based on true life events. Read about the Vatican banker and his end ...enjoy these books on the beach and at home...get that heart pumping and muscles ripping. Be in London one moment and the next one in Paris, L.A., Venice. Be where the action is...check'm out at

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