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'Dead of Knight' a Thrilling Mystery

By E. Chan (New York, New York )

I have to admit, I am a big mystery buff. And because it is my favorite genre of literature, I'll also admit that whenever I pick up a mystery book, I have absurdly high expectations for that book (which, sadly, are usually left unfulfilled).

Not this book. William Potter crafts his novel in a way that keeps the reader flipping the pages, eager for the next plot twist. The viewpoint of the narrator switches often between the "good guy" and the "bad guy" but it delves into the minds of both characters flawlessly. I have to give extra credit to Mr. Potter for creating a rather brilliant antagonist, a.k.a. "Birthday Boy"; readers can both sympathize with him and understand how he has come to be who he is.

Furthermore, the ending to the novel wrapped up a superbly written storyline. I already can't wait for the next installment in the Jack Staal series. Well done, Mr. Potter. I am your fan.

The Best Mystery I've read in a Long Time.

By Lonna H. (Chesapeake, Va)

If you love a good mystery, this one will not disappoint. I loved the way William Potter tells the story from the different perspectives. The switch from criminal to officer will have the reader hungry to read more. You have a chance to see into the mind of the killer and the mind of the officers pursuing him. Both Detective Stall and Damien Knight (a.k.a. Birthday Boy) are well developed characters and provide a great source of conflict throughout the book.

I have always been a huge fan of mystery books, but this one I couldn't put down. The plot twists will have the reader guessing what is going to happen next. I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great mystery.

You Won't Be Able to Put the Book Down!

By Mick (Wisconsin)

Dead of Night- a Jack Staal Mystery is a mystery book that immediately sucks you in. You follow the killer and learn some of the reasons why he is so angry and kills certain people which all leads to revenge.

Next you follow the detectives and police trying to figure out who committed the heinous murders. The killer is nicknamed "Birthday Boy" since he is murdering people on their birthdays. Each murder has a signature that it is the same killer. A sickening signature that you will have to read the book to find out as I don't want to spoil it.

The media is on the backs of the cops and detectives to find the serial killer. The cops and detectives start to get a lead to the killer….

If you like mystery thrillers you will love Dead of Night- a Jack Staal Mystery by William R. Potter.

One of the Best Mysteries I have Ever Read!

By Cassie Mae

I am into mystery books and Dead of Night- a Jack Staal Mystery is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. The mystery starts with the killer and getting to know his character. He changes his name to "Tyro" to make himself feel more confident when he is in this mode. For a few chapters you are brought into the side of the cops and detectives and how they go about tracking down the serial killer.

Next you are taken back to "Tyro" and how he feels after he has committed these murders. He is very frustrated with the world and feels safe living in his mother's basement. "Tyro" who later changes his name and becomes "Damian Knight" feels as if he is doing good in the world as he thinks of himself as a Soldier of Justice.

Back and forth you will read faster and faster as the mystery unfolds.

I highly recommend this book if you love mystery books about revenge or if you want a really good book to read.

Get Ready to Love this Mystery,

Louise Kennedy (Lake Worth, Fl United States)

"Dead of Knight - A Jack Staal Mystery " by William R. Potter will keep you interested from page 1. It is the best mystery I have come across in a long time. The book keeps moving with no boring parts. You look into the complex mind of a serial killer and learn his motives for his revenge killings. You also will be intrigued by the detectives pursuing him and get a peak into their mind set. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are also after the killer. Everyone is anxious to find this killer to keep their streets safe again. There are plot twists that will keep you intrigued and wanting to read more. The book is written in such an interesting way it would make a great thriller movie. This is a great winter read when it is too cold to go out. Highly recommended.

A Great Read!

G. Reba (Panama City, FL.)

A killer on the loose, the cops hot on the trail....but will they be able to figure out who is delivering these unwanted birthday surprises before the next one is "delivered"?

In "Dead of Knight", author William Potter takes you into a world of his creation not so different than our own. The characters are realistic and believable in both traits and tendencies. Is it so hard to imagine a killer that chooses people the way the "Birthday Boy" does? In today's world....not really. People commit heinous crimes for many different reasons, but figuring out the why is not nearly as important as discovering the who.

Take a step out of your comfort zone and see if you can solve this riveting mystery before Detective Jack Staal does. No matter what your literary preferences, this is one mystery written for all. A page turner through and through, highly recommended for anyone that enjoys a great "who-done-it" story with some twists along the way....

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