Author:  Barbara Nadel
ISBN:   9780755371617
Series:   Cetin Ikmen
Publisher:   Headline
Year of Publication:   2011

Istanbul:  the sight that greets Inspector Cetin Ikmen is horrific.  The girl was burnt alive in her own bedroom.  Was it suicide or murder?  When her father shows no emotion at the death of his seventeen-year-old daughter, Ikmen starts to dig deeper.

Alongside his troubled partner, Inspector Mehmet Suleyman, he discovers that the girl had a secret boyfriend who has now disappeared.  He and the girl's family are prime suspects, but forensic evidence is scant.  The policemen question a couple of young boys who are unlikely friends.  What do they have in common?  Then the boys' music teacher is found with his throat cut and the police realise they are on the trail of something much more sinister and frighteningly well organised.

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