Book Title:   BENT POLLIES
Author:  John Kerr
ISBN:   9781921804236
Publisher:   Kerr Publishing
Year of Publication:   2011

Politicians are said to be bet for lots of reasons.

The crimes of Milton Orkopoulos are barely remembered outside NSW. It is hard enough to stay awake when following the politicians in one's own state perhaps. If he had restricted his criminal activity to personal possession of marijuana the chances are he would never have been charged, but he used it as a lure to insinuate this way into the lives of minors, who he used for his personal sexual gratification. He became a sexual predator.

Rex Jackson's crimes stemmed from an addiction to gambling. Still, how compulsive can the punt be? The great irony of his abuse-of-office offence is that no harm followed from his crime. Prison minister goes to a jail - only in Australia.

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