Last book read, so thought I'd share my thoughts via a review...

I enjoy some crime fiction, I enjoy some chick lit, and am always prepared to try something new.

This, I think, is the second in a series with detective Orwell Brennan. A novel by Canadian actor/TV writer Marc Strange. It's set in the little Ontario town of Dockerty. It's not the sort of place I'm familiar with, fictional or otherwise, but I got a good sense of it the book.

The plus points, well, the settings, the main character and the general style of writing.... all good. The trouble was the other characters and the story, and that's rather a big 'trouble' isn't it?

Some will go with it and just enjoy the entertainment. I have to be honest I enjoy a little more 'urban reality' and people I can relate to. I don't have to like them, just feel I'm getting to know them.

Chief Brennan I don't have a problem with. He is 'sound as a pound' and I guess familiar. However so many other things felt as if they were just there for the story... As if the author thought lets have a mad Russian ballerina, a precious jewel that once belonged to a Czar, etc etc. I never felt comfortable with it I'm afraid, but if you can stomach old b movies and episodes of The Persuaders you won't go far wrong.

Not for me, but if you like this sort of thing you won't be disappointed with the writng, which remained strong.

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Comment by Sammy Evans on September 27, 2012 at 10:08pm
Hi Stella, I read this too rcently and tend to agree. Think I enjoyed it more than you but I do get where you're coming from. I'm looking for some new crime fiction releases...

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