Book Title:  HARD LABOUR

Authors: Garry Disher, Leigh Redhead, Angela Savage, Cameron Ashley, Greig Johnstone, Helen Fitzgerald, JJ DeCeglie, Deborah Sheldon, David Whish-Wilson, Andrew Prentice, Finbarr McCarthy, Liam Jose, Andrez Bergen, Amanda Wrangles, Andrew Nette, Adrian McKinty, Peter Corris

Year of Publication:  2012

Publisher: The Crime Factory

Short Stories

Book Synopsis

From the Land Down Under comes seventeen dark criminal tales, including Garry Disher’s first ever Wyatt story, unpublished for over a decade, and new fiction by Peter Corris, Leigh Redhead, David Whish-Wilson, Adrian McKinty, Angela Savage, Helen Fitzgerald and more – including Greig Johnstone, JJ DeCeglie, Deborah Sheldon, Andrew Prentice, Finbarr McCarthy, Andrez Bergen, Amanda Wrangles, Cameron Ashley, Andrew Nette and Liam José.

“Take a good sharp blade to this collection and let it bleed Aussie noir all over your floor.” – Lindy Cameron, Sisters in Crime, from her foreword

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