Review by Geraldine Evans


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it impossible to put down and really wanted to know what happened next. The action moves from country to country in the build-up to the 1/1 New Year terrorist tragedies. With thousands dead at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, the UK government has no answers. We watch as the Islamic fanatics plot more terror. It's time for a new party, a radical party, the Independents, led by Francis Raike, who promises Draconian new laws to deal with those bringing terror to the land.


With its new laws, from the annulment of  the Human Rights Act, to the split from the EU, the reintroduction of the death penalty and the repatriation of disaffected immigrants, Francis Raike and his team are gradually getting to grips with a country in turmoil.


But then the terrorists pose a new and more terrible threat that will devastate a large part of the country. Can the government catch the perpetrators before it's too late?


I found this a fast-moving, up-to-the-minute, thriller that posed questions asked by many of us. This is a novel that deals realistically - if frighteningly - with an all-too-modern problem. I enjoyed it very much and heartily recommend it.

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