Ron Fortier of Airship 27 reviews The Digest Enthusiast on his Pulp Fiction Reviews blog.

Phyllis Galde, Editor and Publisher of Fate magazine
Gordon Van Gelder, Editor and Publisher of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Matthew Turcotte, Archie Digest Library collector

Digest 911: Protective Sleeves by D. Blake Werts
Galaxy Science Fiction: The H.L. Gold Years by Larry Johnson
In Defense of Digests by Rob Imes
The Big Story by Charlie Jacobs
Myron Fass, Foto-rama & His Other Digests by Tom Brinkmann

Fate #725 by Rudolph Schmidt
Coronet June 1950 by David Burnette
Fate Trading Cards by Rudolph Schmidt
Paperback Parade #85 by Rudolph Schmidt

A Darker Night by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
The Presidential Collection by Lesann Berry
A Foul Breath of Fresh Air by Richard Krauss

Joe Wehrle, Jr. (cover)
Michael Neno
Bob Vojtko (gag cartoons)

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