Book Title:   RIP OFF
Author:  Kel Robertson
ISBN:   9781742610054
Series:   Brad Chen
Publisher:   Pan MacMillan Australia
Year of Publication:   2011

From the winner of the 2009 Ned Kelly Award comes a sensational new novel

It's November 2007. There's sewage in the big lake at the heart of the soulless city, Canberra, the TABs have been emptied by a deadly horse virus and the longest Federal election campaign of all time still has a fortnight to run.

One-time star detective Brad Chen seems destined for a desk job until someone starts shooting dodgy property developers in Perth and Adelaide. The state coppers he's sent to assist aren't much interested in anything he can do to help out, even when the body counts extends to shonky financial advisers, crooked lawyers and assorted other fraudsters in the eastern capitals. Chen is nonetheless determined to track down the hitman the public is calling a hero.

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