Author Name: Greg Barron
Author's Home Country:  Australia
ISBN:  9780732294342
Year of Publication:  2012
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Category:  Thriller
Location:  Dubai, Somalia

Book Synopsis

 The near future. Climate change is causing havoc in coastal areas and the world is in economic and ecological crisis. World leaders gather at a billion-dollar conference centre in Dubai, determined to make the decisions necessary to bring society back from the brink.

Explosives are smuggled into the centre. Doctor Ali Khalid Abukar, a former humanitarian worker pushed into extremism, holds the trigger. He and his 'colleagues' give selected governments seven days to comply with a series of demands or the centre will be obliterated. Certain heads of state are branded 'war criminals', and singled out for trial and execution, one by one.

Australian-born intelligence officer Marika Hartmann parachutes into Somalia in an attempt to track down Dr Abukar's wife, Sufia, who may hold the key to disarming the terrorists. An ambitious warlord, however, stands in her way at every turn. British diplomat Isabella Thompson, forced to betray her country after the kidnap of her two daughters, helps the extremists hijack of the conference centre. She faces charges of treason unless she can redeem herself. Her airline pilot husband, Simon, embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue the girls.

For all the characters, it's a race against the clock as they hurtle towards the seven-day deadline set by the terrorists and certain death for all the hostages in Dubai.

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