Review, True Crime - Murderer No More, Colleen Egan

Author:  Colleen Egan
Category:  True Crime
ISBN:   9781742371177
Publisher:  Allen & Unwin
Year of Publication:  2010

In 1994 Pamela Lawrence was brutally bashed to death in her jewellery shop in Perth.  Police suspicion fell on a young drifter named Andrew Mallard.  Although innocent, he was charged and convicted of this murder.

In took twelve years and an epic struggle by Andrew's mother and sister, a team of lawyers and West Australian journalist Colleen Egan to right this wrong.  Not only did their unrelenting battle for justice end in the High Court of Australia making a devastating judgement against the West Australian courts, but it also led to cold-case investigators identifying the real murderer.

This is an emotional roller-coaster of a book, brilliantly and compelling written.  It is about justice, survival and what can happen when good people take on the system.

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