I would like to do things a bit out of order here. Usually I would say some nice stuff about the novel right away, but I would instead prefer to give that space today to the author. The Thieves of Darkness is my second Richard Doestsch read and I am
really enjoying his writing style. He has penned four novels to date and is
currently working on his fifth. The novels he has out are: The Thieves Of Heaven, The
Thieves of Faith, The Thieves Of Darkness, The 13th Hour
our archives for this one), and the one he is currently working on Half – Past
. I think I covered the
bases on that one. Each one of the covers is below so if you find this post
interesting or the one in our archives on The
13th Hour,
just click away and add it to your collection.
Supporting our authors is something I support.

Now to the novel itself! This is my first Thieves novel and didn’t know what to expect. Was it just a formula or was it the style of Doestsch? I am not going out on a limb here in saying it is the style of his writing that made this
novel for me. He has taken the standard thriller and added enough of his own
elements to it to make it not just interesting and engaging, but a fast paced
read that sprints to the very end. He caught my attention quickly with the
novel and didn’t let go. If our daughter’s wedding hadn’t interrupted my
reading of the novel, I would have hammered it out rather quickly, putting it
down was no fun. Fortunately our daughter won’t be reading this; she is away
for the week, haha.

The Thieves of Darkness has all the necessary elements of the classic thriller, plus. This for me is what sets Richard Doetsch apart from some others in the genre; he
builds on his characters, and he takes them to the next level. The growth of
the characters is evident; the story is compelling, and we can identify with
the characters and feel their struggles. I am going to backtrack and take in
the first two novels in the series to make sure that I don’t miss any of the
history behind Michael St. Pierre and his merry band of “moral” thieves. If you
are into stories that involve globe-trotting, action galore, well- constructed
bad guys, some history, and as the jacket says, ”the fate of humanity hanging
in the balance”, then this is the novel for you. Do yourself a favor and
“steal” some time for yourself and give this novel a read, it is too much fun!

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