Sam Lang "Two Johns" The Author's Lab/Collaboration series

I think you may have heard me say many times on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE that Sam Lang is: “one sick puppy”. Now I say that in the best possible way because what Sam Lang writes is horror, and he writes it rather well, maybe too well. He has a penchant for cranking up the tension, raising the suspense level and also for having a very dry, cutting sense of humor. When you combine all those qualities, I think that makes for some goose bumps and really good horror reading.  

“Two Johns” is a direct extension of Sam Lang’s “Reprisal” digital short story series. The characters are vivid; they are dark, and they are pretty scary. Reading the work is like watching a skilled mechanic go about his business, putting a motor together, the inexplicable and palatable anticipation of the final result, but when will we arrive there, how long must we wait for that? Sam Lang just likes to bait us time and time again, adding more and more backstory to his characters, giving us a sense of foreboding that something really nasty is around the corner, lurking. For me that works. I am really getting a taste for the horror thing and this author, Sam Lang, is definitely on my radar. I am sure as we get closer to that annual time of the year, Halloween; we will be getting plenty of Sam Lang’s writing. The fourth installment of the “Reprisal” series is due out then, plus I am sure he will have some nice tricks or treats for us.

Right now, Trestle Press has a serious sale going on in an effort to get you as a reader. They are offering a buy one get one free, BOGO, on all their titles. Sam Lang is hungry for new readers, if you buy one of his titles just drop him or me a line and send us your proof of purchase and we will be happy to send you another story of your choice of equal or lesser price. We authors at Trestle Press make no bones about it: WE WANT YOU AS A READER! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the synopsis:

“John Drayton and John Rublanski narrowly escaped the events of Reprisal. Since that fateful day, they have pursued other interests and traveled the United States.

For some reason, death and chaos seem to follow them. The Two Johns are oblivious to their own trail of destruction, but not the G-Man. Giovanni Gelati’s elite task force has decided to put an end to the terror.

In 2016, the near future, Gelati has become a literary mogul with the power to make or break new writers. John Rublanski has finally finished his personal opus. GSI uses this opportunity to fake a meeting about the book and hopefully stop the Two Johns.

But how many Johns are there?”

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