Secrets and lies and how they lead to murder in the new DI Andy Horton Crime Novel, Shroud of Evil, by Pauline Rowson

How far would you go to protect a secret? Would you risk your job for it, your friends your family? Would you kill for it?

The story behind the latest DI Andy Horton crime novel, Shroud of Evil number eleven in the series, explores the corrosive nature of secrets. It plunges the flawed and rugged detective, Andy Horton, into a complex murder investigation in which he is forced to withhold vital information because of his own secret and his fear of exposure, even though he knows that in doing so he is putting his professional career on the line.

What drives people to keep secrets? Is it out of shame, from fear, or guilt? Is it for safety and security? For the protection of oneself or of others? Is it to preserve a way of life, or for sanity or vanity?

In Shroud of Evil there are many secrets. Withholding a secret can hurt, so can revealing it. For Horton revealing his quest to uncover the truth of his mother’s disappearance means exposing his emotions, something he’s learned the hard way never to do because it would make him vulnerable and vulnerability is there to be exploited by others.

Secrets can be kept for years, as they have been by those involved in the murder investigation in Shroud of Evil but it is one person’s determination to expose a secret and exploit it for his own gain that rips apart the fabric of many lives. And once a secret is exposed nothing is ever the same again.

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