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Hello to everyone and thanks for checking with us on our second Self-Published Sunday. I can only thank my OCD for having different titles for different days of the week. I
struggle still with at least four days of the week, but I think that conundrum
will be solved soon. Anyway, we have featured self-published authors in the
past and since the very beginning of our blog oh those many days and novels
ago. Things have changed and morphed as things do as one finds their way in the
dark, plodding around, bumping into stuff. Trust me I have plenty of bruises
from the bumps along the way, hahaha.

Back to the topic: self- published full length novels. I have decided to use today as that day. We have Graphic Novel Friday and Digital Short Saturday already and thought this would be a natural progression.
Gelati’s Scoop has and will continue to feature and promote the author that has
chosen a non- traditional path to showcase his or her work. We have featured
the work of authors that have done this on many different platforms and are
very proud of that. I read On The
Gathering Storm
on my laptop, but have used an ereader, my sons iPhone…
it’s nuts and fun; I love it. Keep it coming. Needless to say, Sunday I think
is going to be a fun day. Now to our novel!!

Jason McIntyre’s novels and digital shorts have been fun for me to read as he is a bit of a different flav for me. Some of you I know groove on this type of stuff, but for me it is a bit of stretch. The thing about his
writing, as I have totally digested almost all his work to date, is that he is
willing to extend himself and put it out there. I enjoy the spirit he places in
the novels, his spirit, and it seems to hit the right buttons. The reason that
I stress that point is that he has done this work himself. There is no team
molding his work with others’ ideas or focus groups, literary agents or anyone
else to come between his words, his ideas and feelings and us the reader. That for me is what makes his plotlines and
prose so riveting and engrossing. The twists, turns, action and suspense are
gravy or icing on the cake.

On The Gathering Storm was a mind bender and a very intense experience for me. McIntyre took me into places in my head I was not expecting to go and I guess when I was done,
besides consuming some antacid tablets and migraine medicine I was better for
the experience. I say that in all honesty and in a positive
This guy is giving away some of
his hard work on Smashwords in hopes that you will enjoy it and pick up his
full length stuff, like Storm. I
say if you are from Missouri and you say show me, go to Smashwords, read the
free digital short he has like Road Markers or Shed , then compare your
thoughts to my posts, and support a talented artist. Click the button right
here and take a ride with Jason McIntyre and let him show you his chops, his
style and artistry, disappointment is not to be had.

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stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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