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Welcome to inaugural Self Published Sunday. I am really getting a groove on this. Why, you ask, is this so? My reasons are simple as I am not a very complex being. You will notice today that I am doing something
each time with these posts that I don’t do too often with my other posts that
come from a more “traditionally” published author. That aspect is including
information that they, the author has placed on different areas of the jacket.
My point with that is this: the author placed that info there, not a different
person whose sole job it is to make the novel appear as something it may not
be. To me this is another window into their mindset, their soul, the way they
want us to view the novel through their eyes. It is another piece of the
puzzle. I think it helps bring us closer to the author and see the novel for
what they intended, as they intended it.

I don’t want to get up on a soap box, but my two cents is that once things shake out and even out a bit, the lines that are drawn now between “published” and “self-published” are going to be made gray and moot.
Content is King, just as it is in the blogospheres, so it will be with digital
shorts, full length novels, and graphic novels. ‘Nuff said let’s move on to
today’s kick-$%^ novel, No Greater Sacrifice by John C. Stipa.

Here is the back cover, it is a two parter so hang with me here: “When terminally ill archaeologist Renee d’ Arcadia is summoned to France to take part in the reading of a will, she is plunged into a maelstrom of
deceit and destruction to solve a 100- year-old mystery originating from a
sinister church where nothing is as it seems. Renee joins forces with David
Arturo, an ex-helicopter pilot with a troubled past, to interpret clues
cleverly hidden in tombstones and classic works of literature to find artifacts
scattered across Europe. Racing against time, Renee and David must overcome
their inner demons to outmaneuver a network of evil bent on destroying them.
What they find in each other just might provide answers to some of mankind’s
oldest myths.

John Stipa first began telling stories to his daughters at bedtime. In the beginning, they were comical romps and reprises of tales told by his father. It wasn’t long before he realized the keyboard was his portal to
worlds not yet created, characters not yet brought to life, emotions not yet
known to exist. If you turn back the cover and relax your mind, maybe he’ll
take you to a place you’ve always wanted to go, protected by the veil of your

I have to say that the second part you don’t find the author writing that too much and I enjoyed every word of it, and found it very refreshing. The novel was a fun, quick paced read and I for one feel fortunate
to have had a chance to read it. John Stipa delivered on all that was on the
back cover plus. His narrative and plotline were well conceived and executed,
the characters seemed genuine and meshed well, the entire novel. The attention
to detail really won me over as his descriptive ability is first rate. No
Greater Sacrifice was no sacrifice to read at all, it was a fun, enjoyable romp
through history and a lot of other places.

Dare to be different and start to embrace the “Self” in publishing. It isn’t going anywhere and it is just getting some momentum. I have presented to you a great example of the beaten path and the road less
traveled. I have a feeling the traffic is going to pick up on that side of the
road though. Do yourself a favor next time you are looking around for a good
novel to read, look a little harder, go a little further, find that gem that is
just waiting to be discovered, it is really nice to hold in your hand and

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